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Help for the 'Hotel David'

Several months ago we made friends with some local Polish volunteers in the Krakow Main Train Station. The head of the Women and Children's Center is named David. Sandhill Rescue and some of our partner charities like–Reach Ukraine and Type of Wood–coordinated with David and a few others in donating enough food to feed tens of thousands of refugees as they transited through Krakow. There was also thousands of dollars in hygiene supplies like baby diapers, toothpaste and feminine products.

After running that and other centers at the train station for several months, certain politics involving a few large international relief organizations caused many of these local volunteers to leave the train station. David and few others founded their own charity and used their resources to acquire an abandoned office building where the planned to provide temporarily shelter and immigration assistance to refugees.

On their own they were able to get ahold of Ikea beds, food, and many other supplies but they reached out to us asking for help with building the beds and obtaining a washer and dryer. We provided several tools and some man-power to help with building the beds and, within just a couple days, we had the machines purchased, delivered and installed.

The next day, they began accepting refugees. Since then the "Hotel David" as we call it, has had roughly 30 refugees come through its doors daily. They help arrange immigration to other European countries, transport, doctors appointments and more. What they have accomplished in just a couple short weeks is miraculous. View more of what they have been able to accomplish on their website at

Thank you all for your continued support and donations. Because of you, we are able to help quickly and directly, exactly where the help is needed.

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