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Our Work

General Relief Program

We arrived in Europe on March 5th, a mere 9 days from the start of the war in Ukraine, and have been doing everything we can to assist those who are fleeing their homeland. We began with transporting refugees from the border to homes and hotels across Europe, but other needs became readily apparent. We pride ourselves in being able to fill immediate needs that large organizations and governments take time to address. Learn more below.


Refugee Center Food Program

The train station in Krakow, Poland has been a transport hub for hundreds of thousands of refugees. Volunteers have set up areas to feed hungry refugees but very recently lost government funding to do so. To-date we have delivered enough food and hygiene supplies to serve thousands refugees.

Transport Program

Our original project which initially involved taking refugees from the border and to their destination in vans, now includes international Uber schedules, plane tickets, train tickets and more. We do our best to ensure our friends are getting where they need to go as quickly, comfortably and safely as possible.


Ukraine Supply Runs

We have purchased and delivered goods to groups within Ukraine and continue to promote the work of our friends at Backroads Foundation. They have consistently gone where few organizations dare to go to deliver food, generators, medical and military equipment, to those most in need. Check out the work they do HERE.

Rehoming Program

One of the greatest challenges refugees face after leaving their homeland, is finding a new home. While hotels are wonderful for a night or two, they really need a place to settle. We put significant time and resources into helping our friends find new places to call home where they can begin rebuilding their lives.

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More to Come...

As the war continues and needs change, so will our approach. We are continuously looking for ways to serve and fill in the gaps of governments and large NGO's. Stay tuned for updates!

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