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An Update from Volunteers Bill and Dasha - June 16th - Krakow, Poland

Started this morning with the delivery of supplies to the Krakow main train station, and then got a request from a place 1 hour outside Krakow, housing 201 refugees (120 kids and 81 women).

What an amazing story - a Polish businessman rented a hotel, which has been closed for seven years. He housed two young women with 3 kids as they crossed into Poland back on March 10th. They impressed him so much, that he asked if they would be willing to manage this hotel to house other refugees. Only for women and children. They agreed, and now, this is one of the best run long-term refugee housing places. This businessman provides protein and starch for the meals, but the rest, like coffee, fresh fruit and veg, sweets for kids, clothes, shoes, toiletries, etc, all come from volunteers and small organizations like Sandhill Rescue Like many places here, they get ZERO government assistance.

So, we did another round of shopping for fresh stuff, shoes, socks, deodorants, diaper creams, coffee, tea, sweets for the kids, and a bunch of other items. We also left them about 25 brand new t-shirts we brought from home, plus lots of our grandkids and Dasha's used (like new) clothes and shoes. We forget that many of the refugees crossed during the winter, and now the temps in Poland are pushing 80 degrees. So, everybody is trying to find them summer clothes and footwear.

Most of their homes are totally or partially destroyed, so they have no idea what, if, and when they will be going back and to what. After hearing their stories, many tears were shed. They were so thankful, they made us dinner of traditional Ukrainian food, sat at the table with us and talked and talked for hours. We promised to make another trip to their place with more supplies before we go home. Thank you all for your continued support and donations.

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